Our Chief of Operations Mike Morrow did some of his own evaluation on the J-Class. What follows is his conclusion.


Using the attached graphic I created, and basing it on the top portion of the cutaway which clearly shows the decks, the most I can come up with is 194 decks, as the lines I've added indicate.  This also means  the overall dimensions of the station would also change.  If we were to assume the average deck height was around 15 feet (4.572 m), this would give the station an adjusted height of 886.968 m (2,910 ft), with a diameter of 766.654 m (2,515.27 ft).  Otherwise, I'm not sure where all these decks are coming from...  The other stats (crew complement, etc.) I believe, could remain unaffected.  Also attached is a graphic showing statistics much more in line with my reasoning.
I realize this might change the overall "impressiveness" of the station, but not affect her importance or effectiveness.



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