So your interested in our station's role play?


First off you DO NOT have to be a member of our chapter to play along in our game. You do not even need to be a member of STARFLEET International. You can join our game and play along as a civilian aboard our station.


If however you ARE a member of SFI (and we do check), then you can be an actual part of the crew. Your rank in SFI is NOT considered in our game and the highest rank you can achieve is Ensign. We do require that Ensigns be Officers in SFI.


Want to really join in the game, earn ranks higher than Ensign AND have a say in how the game is played? Simple, Join SFI and list Denali as your home chapter!


 More information on our rules and other things can be found at our roleplay site!

Take a look at that site here!

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